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This app was made while working for Elements Interactive B.V.

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The customer asked us to create a new app. The previous app was a hybrid solution which had some performance issues. One of the main issues was the way of navigating within the app and the navigation through the product categories.

Initial Changes

We decided to use a Tab Bar to switch between the main parts of the app. Next up was changing the way customers navigated through the categories, because web views were used this felt a bit sluggish. We got rid of the web views and implemented a native navigation, this of course felt a lot more responsive.

Basic Technology Used

For data storage we decided to use Realm Database which is also available on Android. The network layer is implemented using Alamofire. By combining Alamofire and Object Mapper we could easily perform an API call, map the JSON to our Realm model and persist it to the database.

Marketing Events

In 2016 Gamma organized the Gamma Racing Days. This is a multi day event on the TT race track in Assen. The customer wanted to make 360 videos available through their app. During the racing days Gamma supplied the audience special glasses you could click on your phone which made it possible to watch the videos in 3D.
Since this was a short lived event we decided to use Google Firebase for our data persistence. This made it possible for us to host the videos on AWS and manually add the links to the videos in firebase. The playback of the videos was done using the Google Cardboard SDK.

Client: Intergamma B.V.

Task: Mobile App Development

Company: Elements Interactive B.V.

Brands: Gamma (nl/be) and  Karwei

Tech: Alamofire, ObjectMapper, Firebase, 3D Touch, Notifications, Contentful

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