At work we got the opportunity to pitch for a certain product. After discussing with the designer we came up with the idea to add an Augmented Reality component. I was really excited by the idea, when I got home I started researching to find out how to actually create something. I came to the conclusion that we needed to use an Augmented Reality solution based on an image target. I decided to use the Unity Game Engine with the Vuforia AR Plugin.

After 15 minutes I already had a working prototype, I was amazed how easy it was to setup. You basically just place an image target in the scene and add your 3D Objects on top or near the target, and that’s about it.

I fired up Modo to create a simple 3D Scene. I thought it was a cool idea to augment our living room and make it look like we had a basement that has a F16 parked there. After testing for the first time it didn’t really feel right, the proportions and feeling of depth weren’t there. I tweaked the scene a bit to have more realistic dimensions, and made some changes to the camera’s field of view. Placing the handrail above the hole in the floor also helped a lot to sell the illusion. After these tweaks it really felt like there was a staircase that lead to a parked F16 is our living room. My 3 year old son really loved it as you can imagine :).

The next few days I spent to create a tunnel with railways. The result can be seen in the video below. There is a slight flicker on the rails, caused by having a duplicated rail mesh.

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